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Fermented sour pickles

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So they seem to be all right, though there is some serious white bubbly foam at the top. Sandor Katz says to skim off mold, but I'm assuming this bubbly action is not a mold? Will there be a mold hiding in it?
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On October 10th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC), onfruitstreet commented:
My guess is that the foam is just part of the fermentation process. This happens with my beet kvass quite often (actually, always). I've read a good many times that if it doesn't smell bad, to simply skim it off and sample a small amount. If it smells and tastes okay, it probably is. You may want to ask on the Yahoo! Group Microbial_Nutrition. If you'd rather not join the group, their archives are very searchable at http://www.onibasu.com .
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